Assorted Grooming Dog Bows

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Our Assorted Grooming Dog Bows in assorted colors come in assorted shades and prints to suit any pet’s personal style!

  • Variety of assorted colors and prints
  • Each bow has a rubber band backing
  • 10 assorted bows in pack

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Our Assorted Grooming Dog Bows are satin ribbon bows in the classic shape and come in various shades and prints.  These beautiful dog bows are the ideal accessory to dress up the look of any dog.  Each pack includes ten assorted bows.  These fun colorful dog bows would be great on their own or paired with a nice dress.

These gorgeous dog bows feature an elastic band attachment for gentle yet durable staying power. To apply, simply select a small section of dog fur and twist the elastic around the portion a few times until tight. These are a nice size for toy and smaller dog breeds and could be worn one over each ear (like pigtails) or a single one could be used on a topknot. Alternately, the bows could be looped onto your dog’s collar for a festive embellishment.

Caution: Never place rubber bands around your dog’s tail or ears or they will become damaged from lack of circulation!

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All Colors, Pinks/Reds

Size Info

These Assorted Grooming Dog Bows are available in the following size(s):

  • One Size:
    • Height: 0.5″
    • Length: 1.25″
    • Width: 1.25″

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